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So I got a new piece

So I got a new piece







I did this to my brother’s ‘Meal’ while he was gone. I wonder what his reaction will be…

tbh this would be really smart to do on meat packaging, but then again, how well did the warning on the cigarette box work? ehh

I’d eat it anyway because you’re a self righteous asshole. If I was your brother, I’d probably take it out of the package and put it in your bed too. 

Breaking news: putting a photo of a food’s source on the food itself makes you a self-righteous asshole.

Do you find these offensive, too?  Or are they only offensive when they remind you of the sentient victims whose exploitation was necessitated by your taste preferences?


Not vegan or vegetarian, but OP, I FREAKIN LOVE THIS!

1. Goats, chickens, sheep, and cows are not sentient. The sentience of pigs could be debated. 2. Chicks are not the source of chicken breast meat. Could be a component of chicken McNuggets.

I do personally think Americans should calm down on their fucking meat cravings because the average American eats wayyy too much fucking meat and they’re literally rotting their insides but a little bit of meat is not harmful to your health (there is the moral component but if, say, you raise your own chickens and cows or get it from a small-time farm that actually treats their animals right from birth to death, you can alleviate at least a little bit of that cosmic guilt).

I dunno. I’m all about moderation myself. Maybe putting pictures (accurate pictures) on the food WOULD make a few people think twice about how much meat they eat. I know I feel HORRIBLE every time we do shrink at work because I just look at all the food in the trash and just think about what a waste of life it all was.

And raising awareness about the state of slaughter facilities and even just living facilities is really important because the animals should NEVER be treated cruelly and it’s important to stop animal abuse.

But I dunno. I do eat meat. Not a lot of meat. Maybe one small thing a day. The majority of my food comes from other sources. Which I think would be the most efficient balance of meat vs. vegetable for both health and moral reasons. I don’t really think either extreme is wholly healthy (at least not for everyone, literally everyone’s dietary needs are different).

That’s just my two cents. I wouldn’t be opposed to putting pictures on the food, though I don’t think doing it out of spite or some holier-than-thou way is effective or funny.

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The experience of being primarily male attracted and dating/sleeping with a woman is so interesting and unique for both parties involved

This post is purely for self reference

You don’t need to read it if you don’t want.

Today, April 11th, I wanted to kill myself. Over something very small. Just a few words from my mother.
I emptied out my savings account, returned bottles, and picked up my check from work.
I had about $500ish total.
Today I was going to quit my job. I was going to work the day, quit, get gas, go home, put all my money on the table, grab a knife and go to my room and kill myself.
Today I was going to break up with my girlfriend because I thought we were fighting. Also because I wanted to kill myself.

I sincerely fear the fact that a few words were all it took to make me want to break up with my girlfriend, quit my job, empty my savings, and kill myself.

Background: my depression has not returned. I didn’t feel depressed at all today. I felt angry. I felt a cloud over my mind and even though I knew I was behaving irrationally, I still intended to follow through. I wasn’t sad. I was numb.

This actually follows a pattern of getting angry, making irrational decisions, and making plans to kill myself. Why do I constantly self sabotage? Especially when I know rationally what I’m doing and that it follows a pattern.
So my girlfriend paid for my other nipple piercing so now I’m all matchy matchy

So my girlfriend paid for my other nipple piercing so now I’m all matchy matchy

Male Bisexuality


As a bisexual, and therefore someone who’s often marginalised in both mainstream ‘straight’ society and the ‘gay community’, I’m still acutely that aware I’m actually quite lucky.

I’m lucky to be female.*

Friendly reminder that male bisexuality is still handled with appalling levels of hostility, prejudice, ridicule and mistrust.

Male bisexuals are shunned by LGBTIQA and heterosexual people alike and I am so fucking sick of hearing comments like “I just don’t think it’s possible for men to be truly bi” and “female sexuality is just naturally more fluid.” I have even heard fellow female bisexuals discredit male bisexuality.

It’s time to shut this shit down.

If gay men won’t stick up for bi men (and biphobic comments from figures such as Dan Savage are evidence that they’re not doing a good job of it), then I think it’s time that female bisexuals stepped in and stuck up for their brothers.

Please remember and acknowledge that male bisexuals exist.

They are not unicorns. They are real living, dying, breathing, loving people so show them some fucking respect.

*and cis.

I’m very confused about a few aspects of my life right now so if you’re interested, read under the cut (sorry if you’re mobile)

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“How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.”
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I’m not asking for a lot in a relationship.  All I want is to kiss, cuddle, play videos games, and have hot sex.

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